Pampering Time (not talking about diapers)

Life with twins is a constant marathon, so taking some “me time” is a must. On my birthday, my parents treated me to a day at an incredible spa in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I spent almost 4 hours at Villa Aesthetica in District 2. I have to say, if you are ever in the area, this spa is amazing.


I started with a 60 minute “Best of Asia” massage. From the moment I entered the spa, the service was impeccable and the decor was beautiful. The massage was excellent — extremely relaxing, just what this mama needed.

Following the 60 minute massage, I was led outside to this gorgeous pool. And was handed a glass of Prosecco for my birthday — my favorite!


Next came a traditional Hammam Treatment – I went with the “Gold Mask Hammam”… OH. MY . GOD.  It started with a steam in this steam room…


Then I was led into the most exquisite room I’ve ever seen and laid on a slab of marble, where I was washed, from head to toe, for 90 minutes.


It started with a deep cleansing exfoliation, then came the foam massage/bubble bath (but you aren’t in a tub), followed by a wrap, a gold facial mask and then a hair shampoo/conditioner/scalp massage. It’s a bit hard to describe without actually doing it, but I can’t recommend it enough. I left feeling refreshed, relaxed and clean!


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