Back to the Blog!

We are back!  We took a little hiatus from the blog, but now we’re back.  Since our last post, we had another set of twins.  That’s right, a SECOND set of twins.  Raya (girl) and Efi (boy) are now 7 weeks old.  Their big sisters, Eyva & Noa (2.5 years old), have been infatuated with them, to the point where we need to make sure they don’t suffocate them or hurt them from hugging them too hard.

While raising 4 kids under 2.5, Adam and I are still running our own business.  Lately, we’ve been working with some really cool, up-and-coming bag companies, apparel companies, as well as doing some homewares (like Melamine plates, napkins), and accessories…  Life is never boring, to say the least.

We have some exciting trips planned – including a few international trips, so stay tuned for that.  For now, we are Stateside at our new house in the Boston area, where we are super busy with the kids and work.

Hope you enjoy all of our upcoming posts.


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