We are Twinsonthego x 2:  a globe-trotting, entrepreneurial family consisting of two sets of twins. Our oldest children are 3 year old identical twins, Eyva and Noa, and our babies are 1 year old boy/girl fraternal twins, Efi and Raya.  Our blog is run by mama and dada, Marissa and Adam, who not only care for the children together, but run a business together (more on that later)!

Our kids have been to 15 countries and their passports are ready and eager to be stamped.  When we are in the USA, we live in the Boston area, and when we are traveling, well — we could be almost anywhere (but you can usually find us in South East Asia).

We are an all-nonsense, on-the-fly, just do it family.  We like to explore, wander, taste and talk.  Our lives are not always pretty and our children don’t always behave, but that’s the fun of it all.

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