The 6 Products I can’t Live Without #Twins

Here are the six products we absolutely can’t live without for our newborn twins:

Rock n’ Play

Before the twins arrived, I spent cIMG_1102ountless hours setting up and decorating the nursery.  I loved the look of my cribs and couldn’t wait for the babies to sleep in them.  I also purchased the Arms Reach Co-Sleeper so we could have the babies in our bedroom.  However, after a few weeks of spitting up every time they laid flat, we purchased the Rock n’ Play and boy was this the best decision we could’ve made.  The twins have been sleeping in them for the past 8 weeks.  We move them from the nursery to the bedroom and we even brought them to Aruba.  They are by far the best things for our babies to sleep in and I highly recommend them!


Table for TwoIMG_0280

A fellow twin mama told me about this one. My girls sit in the table for two most of the day.  It’s also great for bottle feeding them at the same time with only one person.  The patterns are super cute and although the price tag is a bit steep, it’s well worth it!


Snap n Go Double:

IMG_0108This is the #1 stroller for twin mamas. It’s inexpensive, light, easy to take in and out of the car and practical. It fits most car seats (just double check to make sure it works with yours).  Be aware that some of the older models don’t fit all of the car seats.  The stroller positions the twins front to back (as opposed to side-to-side). I bought a fancy stroller (the Bugaboo Donkey, which is side-to-side), which I haven’t used yet.  The only criticism of the Snap n Go is that the wheels aren’t made for navigating sand or snow. But, it’s perfect for almost everything else!

Chicco Keyfit 30 Car Seats:

These car seats are great! Plus, almost every other mom (both singleton and doubles) have these seats. They are priced mid range ($199), are light weight and safe. The bases are super easy to install and the seats just click in and out.  In addition, you can use the seat without the base, say for example you are on vacation. They come in a variety of colors.

My Brest Friend Deluxe:

This is a must have for any nursing mother of multiples (and the single version for mothers of singletons). I’ve tried many other nursing pillows, including the Twin Z (more on this later) and this is the easiest to use. What I like about it is that it is easy to set up and position the babies. It can be used in bed, on a couch or on the ground. The only thing is that it is sometimes tricky in chairs, as there’s sometimes not enough space. No need for pillows underneath or beside, it works well on it’s own.  The problem with the Twin Z is that my babies were too small and I would need props to properly position the babies. It’s also big and cumbersome and it just didn’t work for us. Perhaps if you have larger breasts it may work better.


Boon Soak 3-Stage Bath Tub:

Let’s talk bath timeIMG_1223 (1)– the first two weeks we were nervous to bath our twins so we would do sponge baths on their changing table. Next we tried showering them; my husband would stand in the shower and I would hand him one baby at a time. It was a bit scary as the babies would be slippery (we would use a towel which helped).  We wanted a solution where we could bathe both babies at the same time and feel more safe. Plus, they loved the warm water so we wanted them to be able to enjoy it for longer. Introducing the Boon bath… our girls love it. It feels safe, it’s easy to fill and the girls sit and play at the same time.  I highly recommend getting two so that they can bathe at the same time.

The On-The-Go Everyday Essentials… What’s in the bag

My diaper bag is always fully stocked, so I’m able to get out of the house in a mere 5 minutes with my twins.  Here’s what’s in my bag (and my car):


Bag – I spent a lot of time researching diaper bags for multiples; do I need a double sized bag or is a “regular” size good enough?  I went with the Marc By Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Eliz-a-Baby Diaper Bag from Bloomingdales. It comes in Quartz and Black. Black is the most popular color but I went with the Quartz. I love it – it fits everything and is big enough for twins.

Diaper Holder/Changing: I love my Skip*Hop Pronto Changing Station. I store my diapers, wipes and ointments in it. I often take it out of my diaper bag and into my stroller. When I change the babies, I grab this instead of the whole bag. And, it comes in adorable patterns.

Swaddles: I always have at least 2 swaddle blankets at all times. I use them for everything – for nursing, covering the babies when out in public, warmth, sometimes even for spitting up. I love the aden + anais swaddles.  I also love the Chick Pea faux swaddles that I bring for warmth. They don’t work well with the carseats but if you take the kids out of the carseat, they are great to have along to keep them warm.

Nursing Cover: I am obsessed with my Hold Me Close infinity nursing scarf. I use it everyday and it’s both useful and cute!

Burp Cloths: I always have at least 4 burp cloths with me at all times as my girls love to spit up.  I especially love the ones from that someone gave us as a gift – each one is customized.

Bibs: Because my kids spit up all the time, they wear bibs.  I like the ones from Carters as they are cheap and I need a lot of them!

Extra Outfits: Always bring extra clothes as you never know when your little ones will have a “blow out”.  My favorite outfits are the kickee pants – I love the soft material and the patterns are super cute.

Mobile Pump / Bra: I love to multi-task so I often pump while driving (I set it up before I begin and use a hand-free nursing bra so I am NEVER distracted while driving).  I keep my Lansinoh SignaturePro Double Electric Breast Pump in the car and make sure to bring the pump parts along with my Medela nursing bra.  The pump runs on both electricity and batteries so it’s great to use on the go.

Bottles/Formula: While I breastfeed my babies most of the time, they do get formula/bottles when it’s convenient for me.  I always have two empty Dr. Browns Natural Flow 4oz Newborn bottles with me as well as a can of formula. I use Enfamil EnfaCare for babies born prematurely (this is what they started us on the NICU and my girls like it so we stuck with it). In addition, I always have Enfamil Ready-to-Use 2oz bottles with a nipple, just in case I’m ever in a bind.

Cleaning: I use the Mustela facial Cleansing Cloths to clean my babies faces when on-the-go as well as the dapple naturally clean Pacifier wipes. I also always have extra ziploc bags on me at all times.

Do you have similar items in your diaper bag?