The most ridiculous things you’ll hear when out with twins 

Whether you are a fan of attention or not, when you bring twins out in public, YOU WILL GET ATTENTION.  At first it was fun to answer questions and see the look on peoples faces when you wheel your giant twin stroller through the supermarket.  But, after a few weeks it gets very very old.  Sometimes I just want to be rude and not have to stop every 10 feet to talk to people.  People say the same things and ask the same questions over and over again.  Here are the most common ones:


  • Are those twins?
  • How old are they?
  • Are they the same sex? OMG, now you are done!
  • Are they natural?
  • Do twins run in the family?
  • Did you have IVF?
  • Were you surprised when you found out?


  • Your hands must be full
  • I can’t believe you are out of the house
  • God bless you
  • Good luck (in a negative way)
  • I always wanted to have twins
  • My second cousins a twin

Here’s how I’d like to respond:

  • Are those twins? – obviously
  • How old are they? – 10 weeks
  • Are they one of each? OMG, now you are done! – actually they are two girls and I would like to have more children so that statement is just ignorant.
  • Are they natural? – as opposed to being aliens?
  • Do twins run in the family? – actually they do, but that’s none of your business.
  • Did you have IVF? First of all, no but again, none of your business.  My husband and I had sex and what do you know, we got pregnant with twins.
  • Were you surprised when you found out? Umm, obviously, who wouldn’t be?
  • Your hands must be full – yes they are, now please get out of my way.
  • I can’t believe you are out of the house – I do have a life and I’m not going to stay inside all day.
  • God bless you – thanks! Twins really are the best
  • Good luck (in a negative way) – thanks! I can’t imagine my life without my girls.
  • I always wanted to have twins – well that’s just wonderful.
  • My second cousins a twin – I really don’t care

What are the most ridiculous things you’ve heard? Did I miss any?

9 Weeks in… First Post

I’ve been thinking about blogging about being a FTM of twins… and it’s taken me over 9 weeks to finally find the time to sit down and write.  I’m currently sitting at a coffee shop in Boston, one twin on my boob, while the other is in my husband’s lap (while he is working across the table from me).IMG_1193 While pregnant, I thought for sure that after I deliver, I’d have tons of time between feedings to continue to work on my company, read books, binge watch netflix shows and so on.  The saying is true that my brain went out with my placenta — and this time x2!  Besides scrolling Facebook and Instagram, snapping photos and responding to texts, I’ve been completely unable (and unwilling) to read emails and even focus on a single episode of a show.  At almost 10 weeks post delivery, the fog is beginning to lift and I’m slowly getting the urge to get back to work and use my brain (at least for non-child related things).

My husband and I are spontaneous, on-the-go type people; we don’t like to stay in the same place too long nor conform to societal norms of how we are “supposed to” live life.  In fact, we’ve done just the opposite.  3 years ago I quite my job (my husband took a leave of absence) and we traveled the world for several months. No plan, just an around-the-world ticket. After that, I went full time to get my MBA at Babson College and my husband started his own company (which I later joined).  Every opportunity we have, we travel.  We’ve been all across the world (maybe twice) and have had incredible experiences.  It’s our mission as new parents to instill this in our daughters and to take advantage of every opportunity to get out and explore.

It’s all about baby steps – when the twins were 2 weeks old, we took them out for dinner. At 3 weeks, we went to the grocery store.  At 4 weeks we celebrated my 30th birthday (at a bar, with babies in tow), at 5 weeks I took the twins to the mall by myself (mall walking is key in the winter) and breastfed the babies in public.  And, at 8 weeks, we traveled to Aruba. Honestly, getting out and doing things, with the babies, has given me the confidence that I need to be the best mama that I can.  We take the girls everywhere!

In this blog, I’ll talk about the places we go, the equipment we use, tips we’ve learned as well as mistakes that we’ve made.  If the parents have an open mind and slowly work up to getting out and living the life they desire – anything is possible.