Our Favorite Travel Gear of 2019

Our 4 kids have been traveling and have been on constant adventures since they were in the womb.  Whether it’s flying between continents, taking an overnight train through the hills of Northern Vietnam, driving from New England to Canada or flying from the Northeast to the Northwest for a 48 hour trip, we couldn’t do it without our favorite travel gear.


  1. Baby Carrier: with multiple kids, we don’t ever leave the house without a baby carrier.  Baby wearing is key when traveling with little ones.  Our favorite is the Ergo Omni 360 Baby Carrier All-In-One Cool Air Mesh.  It’s on the pricy side, but definitely worth it when traveling in warm climates. IMG_7570
  2. Travel Cribs: Not everyone needs to bring travel cribs along, but when you have twins and stay in all different types of places (hotels, airbnb, homestays, etc), we find we are safest when we bring our own.  For years now we’ve loved our Baby Bjorn Travel Cribs and since they are lightweight, they are easy to bring along.  Small hack we’ve learned — if you have multiples and want to pack less, leave the mattress at home and use a duvet or a towel to pad the bottom of the crib).IMG_6414
  3. Travel Chairs: We’ve taken our Phil and Teds Ted Lobster Chairs on more trips than we can count.  They are so easy to pack and hook on to almost any table.
  4. Backpack Diaper Bag: We would never leave the house with anything other than a backpack as a diaper bag.  We can’t be bothered to have our hands occupied with anything other than our children.
  5. Stuff Sacks: When it comes to packing 4 young children, stuff sacks are a must.  Image result for gonex packing cubesEach child (or sometimes each pair of twins) gets 1 stuff sack for their clothes.  We use 1 stuff sack for our collective shoes and 1 stuff sack for misc.  Our favorite stuff sacks are the Gonex Compression Packing Cubes that we bought on Amazon.
  6. Drawings Toys: We don’t like to bring along too many toys.  We think it’s easy to improvise when it comes to toys.  One thing that our toddlers love is the Melissa and Doug Water Wow. They are cheap, not messy and distract our toddlers for at least 20 minutes.
  7. Disposable Placemats: Whether you’re traveling in remote regions of the world or taking your kiddos out for a meal in your home city, it’s great to carry along disposable placemats, to protect them from the ewww that goes on high chairs.  We love the Neat Solutions disposable placemats.
  8. Snacks: Fruit_Protein_Soft_Oat_Bar_Blueberry_Banana_840_COMP_2000x.pngFirst rule of thumb when it comes to snacks: get something that easy to transport and won’t stain clothes or hands.  We love the crackers and snacks from Nosh. In fact, they just came out with a new miniature bar
    that our kids can’t get enough of.IMG_5559
  9. Shoes:  we need shoes that can be warn for active activity and to the beach, and everything in between.  They need to be waterproof, durable and safe for our little ones to run around in.  We’ve been wearing Native Shoes through every size starting with their smallest, size 3.  They are the only shoes we bring on tripsIMG_3614
  10. Hats: with four young kids, it’s hard to constantly put on sunscreen and keep them out of the sun.  In addition to having our kids wear long pants and shirts, as much as possible, we never leave home without our Sunday Afternoon sun hats.  The whole family loves them.

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