Jet Lag is No Joke

Taking our 1 year old twins on a 27 hour flight across the world was tough enough, dealing with jetlag was a whole different game.  Vietnam has a 12 hour time difference from Boston, so adjusting for the kids was quite difficult. Plus, they were teething and sick, which made matters worse.  It took a good week before the girls were sleeping regularly and eating. They literally didn’t eat for the first week, which was concerning, but we made sure to keep them hydrated.

Here are some tips that we learned:

  • Let the kids nap/sleep as much as they want for the first 2 days. That said, if you want them to sleep through the night (or as close to that as possible), make sure they don’t nap past 5 or 6PM. Wake them up – they will be grouchy but it’s for your own good.
  • During the night, I allowed myself to get up one time and nurse them (usually they sleep through). Beyond that, I let them cry and settle in their crib.
  • Make sure to keep them hydrated. They likely won’t eat like normal.  Get them foods and drinks that give them nutrients, such as smoothies, yogurt, eggs, fruit, ice cream, avocado and lot’s of water.
  • Make sure their room is dark – use a black garbage bag over the window if the shades aren’t good enough.
  • Most importantly, be patient.  Kids are smart, they’ll figure it out.


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