It’s hard to be discreet when you have twins so more often than not, when we are out and about, we often get stopped by people asking questions img_0598.jpgand reminiscing on their own children.  The most common thing people say (besides asking “are they twins”) is “it goes by so fast. I blinked and they’re out of the house.”

That got me thinking about all of the day to day crap that we loathe, but how one day we’ll miss that very crap that made us crazy and stressed.

Imagine yourself 15 years from now and remembering when:

  • Poopy diapers were everywhere?!?.  When you get your baby out of their PJ’s and there’s pooped smeared up their backs and some on their crib sheet.  You realize you not only have to bathe the baby but also change the sheets.  Who has time for this when it’s supposed to be a quick diaper change?  Ugh, the morning routine is all messed up… but then they smile and splash around in the tub and you forget about the poopy diapers (or that your entire house smells like poop, or that your laundry pile is endless).
  • You go to put on your kids shoes or clothes and realize they are too small.  Ugh, not only do you need to spend more money and buy more clothes but now you need to go through all of their current clothes and get rid of the ones that are too small.  Who has time for this?… But, as you go through their closet, you hold a tiny onesie in your hands and wonderful memories come back and you can’t help but smile.
  • Crumbs all over the carseat and a filthy, disorganized car: always on the go, always rushing, always snacking…  Who has time to tidy up your car when you have toddlers to look after? IMG_5041 What happens if one of your mom friends offers a helping hand and actually sees the inside of your car!? No, that most certainly can’t happen!  The good news is that if for some reason you had to stay in your car forever, you’d all survive because you have enough crap in it to get through anything.  “Why do my kids always make such a mess” you think to yourself (everyday).  But then you remember singing along to Frozen at the top of your lungs while your kids eat their snacks and feel content.  Or those nights driving around for hours with your kids sleeping in their car seats so you could get that much needed silence. Oh yes, this happens more often than it should.

The truth is, 15 years later, the things that made you feel stressed and lost for time are the very things that you wish you could return to; if only they could be young again and need YOU all the time.

So, let’s try and live in the present and enjoy the moments.  Before long, your little ones will be grown and won’t need you to wipe their asses, buy them new shoes, or clean their dishes (okay, maybe you’ll still be buying them things and cleaning up after them).

Come on mamas, we got this!!!

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