How to Transition from a Rock n’ Play to the Crib

Does your baby sleep in a Rock n’ Play (RnP)? Most do even if they won’t admit it.  The RnP was our savior; the twins were spitting up every time we put them down and once they found their RnP they slept for hours!  However, after 4 months, we decided it was time to transition them to the crib. Easier said than done!

The first night in the crib was awful – they were up every 2 hours. So, we did some research and found a solution that really worked:

  1. Pick up the mattress and put two large books on the long side of the crib. Put the mattress over it so that it is at a slight angle.
  2. Roll a beach towel and put it over the mattress in a “U” / horseshoe shape. You want the “U” to be upside down.
  3. Put a sheet over the towel
  4. Take a pillow, rolled swaddle or towel and put it on the bottom of the crib, so that if the baby slides down, their feet will stop them from hitting the crib (so to feel more “enclosed”
  5. Put the baby on top of the sheet and move the contraption so the baby feels secure in it.
  6. Swaddle the baby
  7. Pray that the baby sleeps! 🙂

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